The need for subtitling in 3D

As much of the spoken material in movies (2D or 3D) is in languages that are not necessarily the native viewer’s mother tongue, or incomprehensible for the viewer, the need for subtitling a movie or show remains the most economic and logical solution for viewing such movies. For 3D movies this requires a technological solution that we at ELRStudio, have taken to the highest professional level.


Normal subtitling 2D software places the subtitle in its X and Y axes but does not solve the major problem of the "Z" axis, the subtitle depth. The beauty of viewing 3D movies gives the spectator the capability to view close up images with all the volume, bone and muscle structure and far distant landscape images as if the viewer is within the frame. To subtitle a 3D movie correctly the subtitler's responsibility is to review each shot and place the subtitle in the correct X, Y, Z position so that it does not distort the viewer’s frame and ultimately blends into the ongoing movie as if is part of the "show".


The movie producer wants the subtitled film to give the spectator a "visual" experience with the movie, while being able to easily read the subtitle without the subtitle detrimentally being played in the wrong position. As experts in our field we know that the subtitle must blend into the movie and become part of the experience that the spectator has paid for.


To create such a subtitled movie the ELRStudio 3D software is the perfect tool for the professional subtitler, movie producer and all who need to subtitle 3D media. The user can take any anaglyphic movie, time code the shots, translate or create "hard of hearing" captions, identify the shot change and create a subtitled 3D movie with superimposed subtitles on a stereoscopic sub-master. 


Once having created the subtitled stereoscopic movie with ELRStudio 3D it can then be transmitted or transferred to any accepted media including YouTube and Blu-Ray.


ELRStudio 3D is a PC based software and is available for Windows XP and Windows 7.

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