Download ELRStudio

Thank you for your interest in ELRStudio products.
In order to test ELRStudio, you may download the ELRStudio Demo version installation package.
Note that all our trial versions are fully operating software but the subtitles or captions create files with mixed up wording  intentionally
All Media files can be opened depending if the decoder is installed in the users computer. In the purchased version we can supply all user required specific decoders on request and at a special discount price.
After ELRStudio has been installed, you may change the working mode by choosing the version type you wish to test. You can alternate between 3 demo versions:
ELRStudio Editor - For Subtitling
ELRStudio CC Demo - For Closed Captioning
ELRStudio Dubbing Demo

Hardware requirements:

  • CPU - P4 2.8MHZ and above.
  • RAM - 1 Gb
  • Display adapter compatible with DirectX VMR

Software requirements:

  • Operating system - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Not RT).
  • DirectX 9.0b and above.
  • Microsoft Word (required only for speller)
  • .
  • For Windows 8 click here
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