3D stereoscope media opens new horizons in TV, video and film production. To meet the challenge, ELRStudios have developed a new subtitling tool designed specifically for 3D stereoscope requirements. 

ELRStudio 3D software is a unique package providing a complete one-stop solution for the media professional.  Comprehensive and economic, our 3D software reduces post production time and cost while maintaining high, professional quality.

Designed for ease of implementation our software enables efficient and economic placing of 3D subtitles directly into stereoscopic media.  

The innovative 3D subtitling software gives the media professional total control over the creative process.  Our software enables precise placement into any shot accurately and effortlessly. Our subtitles are designed to seamlessly coordinate maximum readability whilst ensuring minimum distraction to the viewing audience. 

Eliminate audience headaches and eye fatigue caused by using incompatible subtitling with 3D media.  For ultimate viewing pleasure provide your audiences with subtitling generated by the ELR Studio 3D software tool.

  • Features:

  • Depth positioning
  • 3D preview while preparing subtitles
  • Shot detection
  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Export your 3D video to tape or file
  • Export to YouTube
  • ELRStudio uses MainConcept tools to render Mpeg and AVC files


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