Installing and Activation

This is how to install your ELRStudio software.

 Note: This ELRStudio software will be installed in DEMO MODE.

In order to install ELRStudio, you must log on as Administrator.


Step 1

After downloading, double click on the ELRSetup file to install the program.
The ELRStudio Setup Wizard will appear as seen below.


Step 2

 Click Next



Step 3

After reading the software license agreement, select I Agree.
Click Next.


Step 4


Browse to the location on your computer where you want to install the ELRStudio and click Next.



To confirm installation, click Next. The ELRStudio Setup Wizard will begin installing your software.


Step 5

When installation is complete, click Close.
The ELRStudio shortcut icon will appear on your desktop.


Activating ELRStudio software

If you wish to use ELRStudio software on a regular basis, you must activate it by following these simple steps.


Step 1:


After opening the ELRStudio Demo, go to the Menu Bar, click on Help and select About ELRStudio.
The following window will open.



Step 2:

Click on the Technical Support email address.

An email with your information will be sent to ELRStudio technical support.
Or copy the Activation Key number as shown above and send by email to your software vendor.



Step 3:

After receiving a return email with a new Activation Key number, Click Reactivate.
Copy and paste into the space provided.

Step 4:

Click OK

The ELRStudio Demo mode will close.


Step 5:

Double click on the ELRStudio icon on your desktop to use the user version.



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