Export Subtitles

Export Subtitles (Bitmap) - Step-By-Step

Step 1 - Preparations

Open a timed-text document


Step 2 - Export

Go to File menu and select Export

Step 3 - Setup

The dialog box gives a preview for the first subtitle; notice the screen dimensions in the caption (720X576).
The preview let you see, in general, the colors used, fonts, sizes and placing.


Set the following parameters:






TV format

PAL, NTSC, etc.


Aspect Ratio

4:3, 16:9


Left Margin

(the space between the left edge of the screen to the left side of text)


Right Margin

(the space between the left edge of the screen to the right side of the text)


Vertical Position

(the space from the top of the screen to the text baseline)


Row Spacing

(interval for the space between text lines)


Style X

All the parameters in the style used are important


Use Background Color

If No then the background color will be black (0; 0; ;0). Defining the right color is important because this color will need to be clear, Alpha=0.

The dialog box gives a preview of the first subtitle.

Notice the screen dimensions in the caption (720 X 480).

The preview allows you to see the colors used, fonts, sizes and placing.



Define the folder and type for export and click on Create.

This operation may take a while, depending on hardware and the number of subtitles created.

During this time a dialog box will be on the screen.

Please notice the progress-bar on the left side of the status-bar.


 Every export procedure creates many files, therefore the operation saves the files in a sub-folder.


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